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Holdout Shotgun
TA Wep Holdout Shotgun.png
Loadout/Class Pathfinder
Slot Secondary
Type Bullet / Spread / Hitscan
Fire Rate 1 per second
Manual Reload Time 0.6 seconds per shell
Auto Reload Time 0.95 seconds
Projectile Speed Hitscan
Magazine Size 4 (5)
Ammo 34 (42/50)
Upgrade 1 +8 ammo
Upgrade 2 +1 clip size
Upgrade 3 +8 ammo
Gold 60
XP 3,500
Mastery Cost (XP) 3,750

"This weapon didn't gain popularity until it won the duel between Blood Eagle Nira Magnus and The Usurper. Magnus won by clubbing The Usurper in the face after she ran out of ammo."

The Holdout Shotgun is one of the six shotgun variations in Tribes: Ascend, and is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Pathfinder. The Holdout Shotgun deals more damage than the Shotgun, but has less total ammo, and a smaller carried ammo capacity.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the Holdout Shotgun. The Holdout Shotgun fires 8 pellets.

Base Damage
Base Damage 85
Beowulf 0
Deployables 680 (85 x 8)
Generator 544 (68 x 8)
Grav Cycle 0
Player 680 (85 x 8)
Sensor 0
Shrike 440 (55 x 8)
Turret 0
Falloff Damage 200 (25 x 8) - 680 (85 x 8)


Internally, the Holdout Shotgun is named the Shotgun MKD.


The Holdout Shotgun is a hitscan weapon, meaning that as long as the crosshair is on the target, it will hit instantly.