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TA Vehicle Havoc Trailer.png
General Information
Health Pool 6,000
Energy Pool 70
Top Speed 48 m/s (72 m/s)
Passengers 4
Primary Weapon
Type 4-round burst
Reload Time 8 seconds
Projectile Speed 50 m/s
Projectile Live Time 10 seconds
Projectile Hitbox 0.84 meters
Splash Radius 14 meters
Magazine Size 4
Ammo Infinite
Credits 500

The Havoc, is a flying transport vehicle in Tribes: Ascend, that was removed from the game as of patch v1.0.1268.1. In the patch just before the Havoc was removed, the model was placed in the lower section of the base on Bella Omega, it was replaced by a destroyed Shrike after the patch.

All of the information in this article was pulled from the game files before Hi-Rez removed them. In Ascend, the Havoc holds 4 passengers, and 1 pilot, which also controls the primary weapon. A video of the Havoc in action can be seen here. According to Hi-Rez, the Havoc was removed because it was difficult to control.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the Havoc.

Base Damage
Base Damage 650
Beowulf 780
Deployables 650
Generator 812
Grav Cycle 780
Player 650
Sensor 780
Shrike 1,625
Turret 780
Splash Damage 455 - 650


  • The Havoc originates from Tribes 2.
  • HVK is printed on the side of the Havoc, referring to the common spelling of HaVoK.
  • While the Havoc would most likely have infinite ammo, the files show that it can only carry 10,000 shells.
  • The Havoc's projectile does not inherit the vehicle's velocity.
  • The Havoc can be seen in the official trailer released by Hi-Rez on June 30, 2011[1].
  • The Havoc model for Tribes: Ascend was created by Alec Moody[2].


Special Accolades

The following accolades can be earned with the Havoc.

Road Kill Vehicle Assist
Road kill.png Assist.png