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Gold or Tribes Gold is the currency used by Hi-Rez for in-game purchases with real money. Players can use real money to buy gold from Hi-Rez and then purchase items in Tribes: Ascend with that gold instead of using XP. It was originally known as Tribes Gold, but was later changed to just gold so that Hi-Rez could use the currency across all of their games. All items in Ascend can be purchased with either XP or Gold, except for the Voice Packs, skins, and boosters, they can only be purchased with gold. This is to prevent Ascend from becoming a Pay-to-Win game.

Previously, when gold was purchased, players gained a VIP status, which increased the amount of XP players earned by 50%, but it is no longer possible to get that status.

Hi-Rez currently offers the following deals:

Cost (USD) Amount of Gold
$9.99 800
$19.99 1,800
$29.99 4,000
$49.99 7,500
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