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Drydock takes place on a lush world that has been converted into a shipyard. There are two spaceships on the map that are either being repaired or constructed, with ships periodically flying overhead. Tactial strikes can also be seen in the distance, which could indicate battles taking place all over the world. Separating the two bases is a large cliff with viewports protruding from the side, and some type of sensor array on the top of the cliff. This map is available for Capture the Flag and CTF Blitz modes.


The main base consists of two small bases that lead to a basement level with the generator, and a multi-story tower. The flag sits on an open slab of concrete next to a small base. There are base turrets on two sides of the concrete slab, and a radar sensor on the small base that is not connected to the slab. There is an inventory station in the lobby of the basement level, and another one in the tower next to the vehicle station.

The generator room is in the basement level. There are two ways to enter the basement level, one is in the small base next to the flag, and the other is the small base behind the flag, which has a vertical drop to the basement level. There are corridors that lead to and around the generator from the second entrance. The generator itself sits on a pedestal that sits above a pit.

Off to the side of the base is the vehicle station.



The open access to the flag allows Pathfinders to quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Since the flag is so exposed, defenses must be spread out, making them less effective. There is plenty of room for Technicians to place their turrets, and Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields. Keeping the base turrets fixed is very advantageous, as well as having a Beowulf nearby.


The generator can be easily accessed via either entrance, though Juggernauts and Brutes like to spam their mortars and fractals to defend both entrances. The generator sits on a pedestal which makes it more difficult for mortars to stay in place. It is also common for Doombringers to lay mines and force fields in the corridors. There is no where for an Infiltrator to hide except for in the corridors.

CTF Blitz

Blitz locations for Drydock
  1. The default location.
  2. On the roof of the building near the default flag location.
  3. On the lowest ledge of the tower near the base.
  4. On the upper ledge of the tower near the base.
  5. In the building near the default flag location.


  • Several ships fly over the map, and some of them fly very low. They come low enough shoot, but projectiles just go through them.