Tribes: Ascend/Brute

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General Information
Armor Heavy
Health Pool 2,400 (2,500/2,600)
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds (15 seconds)
Energy Pool 80 (85)
Energy Regen Rate 9/s
Walk Speed 7.2 m/s
Mass 130 kg
Tribes Gold 70
XP 9,000
Mastery 3,750 XP

"A heavy hitter with strong but basic weapons, the Brute prefers a direct approach to combat, soaking up damage and dishing out punishment."


Armor Upgrades

Brute MK I

+100 Health
-25% Regeneration delay
+5 Energy
+25% Health regeneration rate
+100 Health


487 Gold


"The Crusher Brigade is one of the most feared and respected mercenary groups in the Wilderzone. Focusing exclusively on heavy shock tactics, Crushers push the line at any cost."