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Blueshift takes place on what appears to be a large asteroid or small planet. The two bases and surrounding area is enclosed by a shield, most likely to protect the area from meteorites. Outside of the shield there are ships engaged in combat in an asteroid field. In the center of the map is a solar panel array that is also the support structure for the shield. Scattered around the map are dome type structures that either server as dwellings or research labs. This map is available for Capture the Flag and CTF Blitz modes.


The main base is a three story structure with two basement levels. The top story has three sides open to the air, two of the sides are connected, making a straight fly through possible, the other sides connect to curved walls, that also allow for a fly through, but the player will end up making a 90 degree turn by the time they exit the base. On the roof of the base are two boosters pointing towards the enemy base, and the radar sensor. The top story can be accessed via grav-shafts, on the side that does not have the curved walls, that connect to the first floor and second floor. There are grav-lifts on two sides of the base that allow players to go from the ground level to the top story. There are two entrances, one on each side that does not have a grav-lift. The smaller entrance is protected by a force field that is powered by the generator, and has an immediate drop to the first basement level upon entering it, the other one leads to the first floor. There are four inventory stations on the second floor, and four repair stations on the top story. There are two base turrets, one on each side of the map, on common ski routes.

The generator room is in the lowest level of the base, accessible via the first floor, where a large ramp leads descends into it, or through the small entrance in the back of the base, which connects to the side entrances of the geneartor room. There are two repair stations, one on each side of the generator.

Off to the side of the base is the vehicle station.



The open access to the flag allows Pathfinders to quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Since there are three different directions that the flag can be grabbed from it, defenses must be spread out, making them less effective. There is plenty of room for Technicians to place their turrets, and Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields.


The generator can be easily accessed via entrances on the ground level. The generator sits on the floor, making it easy for all types of weapons to damage it. The generator room itself is spacious, which allows for turrets and mines to be placed all over, and for enemies to hang around. There is no where for an Infiltrator to hide except for in the corridors.

CTF Blitz

Blitz locations for Blueshift
  1. The default location.
  2. On the roof behind the radar sensor.
  3. At the end of the right exit.
  4. At the end of the left exit.
  5. In the entrance at the front of the base on the ground level.


  • Outside the shield, spaceships are engaged in combat, with ships that are similar to the ones found on the map Drydock.
  • Underneath the map are BSP shapes that were not deleted.