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Starwolf image from the manual

“Victory is within our jaws today. The Great Wolf walks with us this day, and those who fall shall walk with him for all eternity.”

~ Viktor Abanath, Great Sergeant, Third Claw, Hepta Ourubis Pack


The Deadly Hunters

Nicknamed "howlers," the Starwolf tribe sprang from harsh, mysterious origins. Some tales tell of a band of Blood Eagle and Children of Phoenix stranded on an icy world, of a truce that became true friendship. Other tales tell of a great hunter of Cybrids, an errant Knight or a lost soul, a woman who found new life among enemies and gave her name to the tribe born under her leadership. Many of the stories add mention of a vision or a visit by the Great Wolf. Whatever the truth, adversity bred strength. When the Starwolf eventually exploded into the tribal struggles of the wilderzone, they carved out a large holding with predatory swiftness.

Their symbol is the most ancient among all the Tribes, taken from the aboriginal American tribes of ancient Terra. Though other Tribes ridicule the "Starpony," the Starwolf smile in the knowledge that the others use shallow symbols empty of meaning. The corpses of those who jested about the Starwolf banner litter the wilderzone, giving rise to a common tribal expression for foolishness: "to mock the wolf to its face." However, Starwolf factions that have ventured beyond the Cassopeian Gate have reportedly adopted a new sigil that departs from the original tribe’s traditional look.

The Starwolf follow a shamanistic religion, honoring "The Great Wolf" as their tribal totem. Warriors who fall in battle are said to "walk with the Great Wolf." Starwolf holdings sprawl across vast regions of space, and Starwolf warriors are the first to explore new worlds and follow jumpgates into the unknown. This great dispersal makes massing large armies difficult, and so the Starwolf favor fluid, guerrilla-style tactics and mobility.

Of all the tribes, the Starwolf are the most independent. This independence has been both a great strength and a great weakness, for they distrust powerful leaders even within their own ranks. Their own clan-feuds are the stuff of legend, and they do not cooperate well in large groups.

Starwolf organize themselves into Packs named for their world of residence.

On the Children of the Phoenix

"The Phoenix want everyone to suck up to them, but they'll never make us bow our heads. Never. We choose our own way."

On the Blood Eagle

"They favor slow and heavy fighting, which makes them our meat. Don't let them capture you, though."

On the Diamond Sword

"Too much thinking, not enough fighting. The quickest way through a knot is a sharp knife."

On the Empire

"Feh! Crabs. Crack their war machines, and it's all soft flesh inside."

On lesser tribes

"If they cross us, we cut them out of the herd."

On Immortals

"Make the sign of the Wolf when you mention Harabec. Not that I believe that scrof about Immortals, but you never really know, ayia?"


Guide to the Tribes Universe

Tribes Manual: Page 16