Starsiege: Tribes/Patches/1.7

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Version 1.7

  • You can no longer throw grenades & mines if you are not controlling either your player object or a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where mines and grenades that exploded while the player was not in control of his body would have an invalid team number.
  • Players can no longer activate any station if their primary weapon is in it's fire or reload state.
  • Player weapon is unmounted for all active stations (was left mounted for permanent ammo stations in 1.6)
  • Fixed a bug with palette management introduced in 1.6
  • Typing unclosed single quotes in the console no longer crashes.
  • Turret::verifyTarget now has two arguments (%this,%target)
  • GameBase::getMuzzleTransform() should now work correctly with turrets.
  • There is now a 2 sec. timeout after using a station in which you can not throw mines & grenades.
  • A few fixes were added to the 1.6 fix list (the first three had been left out)
  • Player now throws his weapon more often when killed with trigger down.
  • Fliers can no longer hover up through cielings or the bottom of bases.
  • Deployables objects now check against interior and terrain when being displaced by a moveable objects (doors & elevators)
  • Displacement code (elavators & doors) now uses a stepping collision test when testing a displaced object for collision.
  • A server side getLOSInfo method was added for bot authors.