Metaltech: Battledrome

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Metaltech: Battledrome
Battledrome Box Cover
Battledrome Box Cover

Developer(s) Dynamix

FASA Corporation

Publisher(s) Dynamix
Platform(s) DOS
Release date(s) 1994/5
Genre(s) Simulation
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) ESRB: Kids to Adults (K-A)
Media/distribution Floppy, CD
System requirements
  • 80486/33DX MHz
  • 4mb RAM
  • VGA Graphics Card
  • Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick

Metaltech: Battledrome was a part of the Metaltech series. It was published alongside its sister game Earthsiege. Offering simulation in a world of battlemech, sci-fi / futuristic, Metaltech: Battledrome (also known as Metaltech: Battledrome - Robotic Combat Network) is an abandonware developed by Dynamix, Inc. and published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.. Released in 1994, you wander around in a 1st-person perspective.

Guide for Playing Metaltech: Battledrome in DOSBox

A guide for setting up DOSBox and playing Metaltech: Battledrome can be found here:

Running Metaltech: Battledrome on DOSBox

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