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Running Stellar 7 on DOSBox

The following instructions are for getting Stellar 7 to run on DOSBox. (These instructions have been tested on a computer running Windows 7 SP1 with DOSBox v0.74.)

Step 1 - Software

Download DOSBox and Stellar 7:

DOSBox - 1.4 MB

Stellar 7 - 1.1 MB

Step 2 - Installation

Install DOSBox (Detailed instructions can be found here:

Extract the Stellar 7 files to a folder.

Step 3 - Setting up DOSBox

Detailed instructions for setting up DOSBox can be found here:

To make your life easier, I suggest setting DOSBox to automount the folder where your games are exracted. To do that, browse to your dosbox-0.74.conf file, which can be found here:


Open the dosbox-0.74.conf file with Notepad and scroll to the very end of the document.

Below the autoexec setion you can place your mount path

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.

Your mount path should be in the format below:

Mount C Location of folder with games

Replace the text that says Location of folder with games with the path to the folder with your games in it. For example, I put my Tribes games in C:\Users\Krogoth\Documents\DOS Games, so my .conf file will look like:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.
Mount C C:\Users\Krogoth\Docume~1\Dosgam~1

If your path has folder names that are longer than 8 characters, or has spaces in it, then the name must be shortened to 6 characters followed by ~1 as you can see in the above example.

The reason this makes your life easier, is because when you start DOSBox now, you will not have to mount the folder with your games in it, it will start with the folder mounted.

Step 4 - Starting the Game

Start DOSBox.

Change the directory to your Stellar 7 folder by using the cd command.

For example, I have my Stellar 7 files extracted to C:\Users\Krogoth\Documents\DOS Games\Tribes Universe\Stellar7, so I will need to type:

cd Tribes~1
cd Stellar7

Then type stellar7.exe to start the game.



Step 4 - Controls

The manual can be downloaded here:

Stellar 7 Manual

Power Module Activation Keys:

       Inviso Cloak            I
      Jump Thruster            J
            RC Bomb            B
          Cat's Eye            C
         Eel Shield            E
       Super Cannon            S
        MP Thruster            T
       Joystick Button One             Fire Cannon
                 Space Bar             Fire Cannon
       Joystick Button Two             Select Power Module
                       Tab             Select Power Module
     Joystick Both Buttons             Activate Selected Power
                    Return             Activate Selected Power
                       F10             Display Preferences Menu
                        F2             Sound/Music ON/OFF
                     Alt-S             Sound Effects ON/OFF
                     Alt-M             Music ON/OFF
                     Alt-J             Joystick ON/OFF
                     Alt-C             Joystick Calibration
                     Alt-D             Mouse ON/OFF
                         P             Pause ON/OFF
                         Z             Zoom ON/OFF
                       ESC             Abort Mission
                     Alt-Q             Quit to DOS