Children of the Phoenix

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Children of the Phoenix image from the manual

“Someday, perhaps, the tribes will be one again. Let us keep that flame burning. Until that day comes, we must remain vigilant against those who would extinguish the light and cast us into the darkness of anarchy.”

~ Renn Gistos yl-Harabec, Phoenix Prime


The Ancient Saviors

Nicknamed "preachers" or "crusaders," this oldest and most traditional of the Tribes of Man traces its ancestry back to the legendary Harabec, the immortal Phoenix. The Children's ultimate goal is reunification of all tribes under the Phoenix banner. The Children adhere to a body of custom called "The Tenets of Harabec" and expect other tribes to follow it as well. They were the ones who started the Firetruces, and they are the consummate diplomats of the wilderzone. They also pay the greatest respect to the legendary Immortals, those mysterious beings said to guide humanity through the ages. Many Tribes are curious as to the secrets the Children of Phoenix hide, and wonder whether the Children speak the truth about being protected by the Immortal Harabec himself.

Though the Children constantly urge peace among the Tribes, they are also warriors without peer who finish their battles with terrifying finality. They respond to raids when necessary to protect or avenge their people, but they seldom engage in all-out feuds or long-term wars. "When the Phoenix wakes" is a tribal expression for "when hell freezes over." This phrase comes from recognition of the potential threat posed to tribal independence should the Children of Phoenix cast aside their history of restraint.

The Phoenix take pride in their elite status. So far, no other tribe has succeeded in shattering that reputation. Though they more arrogant than any other Tribe, even the Blood Eagle, the Children of Phoenix are also the most compassionate. Their regal leadership is the closest thing to a unifying force among the Tribes of Man.

Lately, the Children of Phoenix struggle with division in their own ranks. The Harbingers of Phoenix argue for a great Crusade to unify the other Tribes by force, while the Keepers of Phoenix maintain the best way to achieve true unity is to lead by example. So far, the Keeper faction continues to hold power, and the Harbingers are content to argue in the tribe's councils.

They organize themselves into armies called Wings, regiments called Pyres, and squads called Flames.

On the Starwolf

"They turn disadvantage into advantage, adversity into asset. A worthy ally and a dangerous enemy, they are yet too fond of roaming to accept the wisdom of our teachings."

On the Diamond Sword

"Everything is a question to them, a puzzle to solve, a mystery to unravel. But not everything is gray, and the Sworders lack the strength of conviction necessary to act decisively."

On the Blood Eagle

"Butchers united only by bloodlust and their preposterous claim to be the oldest tribe. How they have fallen from their noble origins."

On lesser tribes

"Those who join us are welcome. Those who choose otherwise will suffer. We can only hope to show them the truth."

On the Empire

"Let it rot in decadence and greed. Someday Phoenix will return, and we will raise something infinitely finer in place of mere Empire."

On Immortals

"Some deny that Harabec and other ancient warriors still walk among us. Fools! Have they not listened to the histories? The Immortals exist!"


Guide to the Tribes Universe

Tribes Manual: Page 14